Celebrity Jeopardy: Daria Edition

A Daria/Celebrity Jeopardy crossover

Episode 1: "Breasts of Burden"

Trebek snaps when he's forced to deal with Kevin, Jake, and Sean Connery.

Episode 2: "Homo-erotic Necrophilia"

Angelboy, atimnie, and RedlegRick try to drive the author (who foolishly decided to host the game) nuts.

Episode 3: "You Taste Of Bun"

Angelboy reveal's the author's most embarrassing secret, nmorgendorffer asks if he tastes of bun, and Richard Lobinske demonstrates the mentally debilitating effects of long-term pesticide use.  Just another ho-hum episode of Celebrity Jeopardy: Daria Edition.

Episode 4: "Decomposed Dicks"

LOTR_Dan tries to fight and then love Isa Yo-Jo, who thinks he's a total pervert.  Meanwhile, DJW doesn't have a clue.