Fashion vs Darwin
by Derek

Legal BS: Daria and all associated characters are property of MTV/Viacom and are used here without any permission whatsoever.  What are you going to do, sue me? (Just kidding!)

Notes: This is my entry for the PPMB Iron Chef “Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em-!”.


Sandi approached the rest of the Fashion Club none too steadily on her new, 8-inch high platform shoes.

“Wow… Sandi.  Those… shoes… make… you… look… really… tall,” said Tiffany.

“Thanks, Tiffany,” replied Sandi with her usual haughty tone.

“Um, Sandi, aren’t those shoes just a little too tall?” asked Quinn, who looked slightly concerned about Sandi’s unsteadiness.  “I mean, what if you fall down?”

“Quinn, everybody knows that tall heels are the latest fashion.  Besides, they wouldn’t sell them if they weren’t safe.”

So saying, Sandi turned towards the school, walked a few shaky steps, and fell down, her head hitting the pavement hard.  

“Oh my God!  Sandi, are you alright?!” shouted Stacy.  The small pool of blood that was starting to spread from Sandi’s head provided the answer.