Landon Massacre
by Derek

Legal BS: Daria is property of MTV/Viacom and is used here without any permission whatsoever.  What are you going to do, sue me? (Just kidding!)


Jodie walked into her parent’s bedroom.  Although she outwardly appeared calm, inside she boiled with anger.  Her parents wanted her to take on yet another extra-curricular activity, this time helping children at Cedars Of Lawndale’s rehab clinic.  Jodie had hit her breaking point, though.  That was just one activity too many.

Going to the closet, she pulled out a small box, opening it to reveal the Magnum her father kept “just in case” and a fully-loaded ammunition clip.   Time to lock and load .  She took them out loaded the clip into the gun, smiling as she heard it chamber the first round.

Clicking the safety off, Jodie headed back downstairs to the dining room, where the rest of her family was having dessert.  She stopped behind her father, smiling in a very disturbing fashion.  “You know, Dad, there is one activity I’ve always wanted to do.”

Andrew turned in his chair to face her.  “Really?  What?”

Jodie raised the gun and pointed the business end of it right at his forehead.  “Shooting lessons.”  So saying, she pulled the trigger, blowing his brains all over the table.

For a moment, Rachel and Michelle just stared in shock as Andrew’s body slipped off the chair.  Then Rachel started screaming, and Michelle started getting out of her chair in an attempt to run.  Jodie calmly aimed the gun at her and fired, hitting her in the arm.  Michelle screamed in pain and fell to the floor, clutching her arm.

Jodie walked around the table so that Michelle was once again in her sights.  Michelle looked up at her in fear.  “Don’t do this, Jodie, please!  I’m sorry for whatever made you angry, but please don’t... !“

BANG!  went the gun as Jodie fired a round into her mother’s brain.  For a moment, she stared at the carnage she had wrought, before looking up at her sister.  Rachel was still in her chair, too terrified to move, to terrified to even scream anymore.  Baby Evan’s wails could be heard coming from his bedroom upstairs, where he evidently had been awakened by the gunshots and Rachel’s earlier screaming.

Jodie smiled at her sister.  She raised the gun and stuck the muzzle in her mouth.  Rachel’s eyes went even wider as she realized what was about to happen.  “Jodie, no!”