Sandi Flaunts It
by Derek

Legal BS: Daria is property of MTV/Viacom.  “When You Got It, Flaunt It” is property of Sony.   Both are used here without any permission whatsoever.  What are you going to do, sue me? (Just kidding!)


Sandi looked around her house and upon finding no one there she smiled. 'Alright, no one here... time for some fun.'

After checking around one more time, Sandi tip-toed to the CD player and inserted a disc. After pressing Play, Sandi stepped back quickly and picked up one of her hairbrushes. Holding it like a microphone she smiled and sang along with the music in a bad attempt at a high-pitched Swedish accent.

[i]”When you got it, flaunt it

Step right up and strut your stuff

People tell you modesty's a virtue

But in the theatre modesty can hurt you

When you got it, flaunt it

Show your assets, let ‘em know you're proud

Your goodies you must push

Stick your chest out, shake your tush

When you got it, shout it out loud.”[/i]

“Now Sandi dance.”

Sandi started dancing in place, gyrating her hip like a dancer in a strip club.  She did this for about 20 seconds before singing again.

[i]”When you got it, show it

Put your hidden treasures on display

Violinists love to play an E-string

But audiences really love a G-string

When you got it, shout it!

Let the whole world hear what you're about

Clothes may make the man

All a girl needs is a tan

When you got it, let it hang out!”[/i]

“Remember when Sandi dance?”  Sandi paused for a moment, imagining a response.  “Sandi dance again!”  

She did another dance, even more provocative than her first one.  In the middle of it, she pulled off her t-shirt, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra.  She continued cavorting around her room as she resumed her singing, removing the rest of her clothes as she went.

[i]”When I was just a little girl in Sweden

My thoughtful mother gave me this advice

If nature blesses you from top to bottom

Show that top to bottom, don't think twice

Now Sandi belt!

Don't think twice!”[/i]

By this time, Sandi was completely naked, revealing her large, firm breasts and completely shaved crotch.

[i]”When you got it, share it

Let the public feast upon your charms

People say that being prim is proper

But every showgirl knows that prim will stop her

If you got it, give it

Don't be selfish, give it all a-way

Don't be shy, be bold 'n' cute

Show the boys your birthday suit

When you got it, if you got it

Once you got it, shout out...[/i] Ahhhhhh!”

Sandi shrieked when she turned around and saw her brothers standing in the doorway grinning widely, Sam holding a camcorder.  She grabbed her shirt and pants off the floor and held them against her body in a desperate attempt to save what was left of her modesty.  “What the fuck are you little creeps doing?!” she screamed at her brothers.

Still smiling, Sam turned to Chris and said, “I wonder how much the football team would pay for a copy of this video.”

“I wonder how much she’d pay us to [i]not[/i] sell it,” Chris replied.