My Daria Fanfic

Celebrity Jeopardy: Daria Edition: Daria characters and fans compete to see who's the smartest (or rather, the dumbest) in these crossovers with Saturday Night Live's "Celebrity Jeopardy" skits.

Drunken Cynic: Daria gets wasted at a college party.  Inspired by a discussion on the PPMB.

Fashion vs Darwin: The Fashion Club learns the hard way that natural selection doesn't care about fashion.  A PPMB Iron Chef entry.

DariaCore: A school fieldtrip goes horribly wrong when Daria and Co. come across some rocktopi.  A crossover with the podcast novel EarthCore.

The Cynic Dysfunction: Daria's soul possesses a new body in this crossover with The Night's Dawn Trilogy.

The Fanfic Hack Song: A parody of Monty Python's "Lumberjack Song".  Written in pieces by myself, atimnie, Decelaraptor, and Between_the_Lines.

Landon Massacre: Jodie's parents finally push her too far and she snaps.

Sandi Flaunts It: Sandi dances to "When You Got It, Flaunt It" from The Producers.  Rated PG-13 for nudity.

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