Automator Workflows

These are some Automator workflows I've created.  They are compatible with Mac OS X v.10.4 and higher.  To use any of these workflows, unzip the archive and drag the workflow into your Users/Username/Library/Workflows/Applications/Finder folder, where Username is your account on the computer (if some of those folders don't exist, create them).  Select the files you want to work with and either right-click or CTRL-click on them, and select the workflow from the Automator contextual menu item.

Add Leading Zeros

This workflow is designed to add leading zeros to filenames that are numbered, i.e. pic-1.jpg, pic-2.jpg, pic-3.jpg, etc.  The output is pic-01.jpg, pic-02.jpg, pic-03.jpg, etc.  It doesn't work if you don't have a dash before the number.

Add Leading Zeros-No Dash

Similar to the above workflow.  This takes files and adds a zero to the beginning of the filename.  It's intended for use with files that just use numbers for their names, i.e. 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc, and produces 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg, etc.  This largely duplicates the functionality of the "Add to File Names..." Applescript, but allows the user to change the names of just the files selected, rather than all files in the open Finder window.

iPhoto Double Import

This is for owners of color-screened iPods.  It imports photos into iPhoto twice, allowing you to have one set where all the images are rotated as needed so that they fill up most of the iPod's screen, and one set where all the images are left in their original orientation for viewing on your computer.  To use it, you'll have to create two albums in iPhoto: iPhoto, and iPod.  Unfortunately, the workflow doesn't handle the photo rotating, so you're on your own for that.  But hey, it beats selecting images twice in iPhoto's Import panel.

Known issues: Won't work with any photos containing double-quotes (") in the file name.  Photos from some sources won't work with this workflow for unknown reasons.  In both cases, use the next workflow instead.

iPhoto Double Import 2

This is almost identical to the previous workflow, but it works with all photos.  This has the same set-up as the previous one, but you must also create a folder called Import temp in your Users/Username/Pictures directory.  Be advised that this workflow creates an additional copy of your images in the Import temp folder and trashes them when it's finished.  To minimize the amount of hard disk space that gets wasted in the process, I recommend only using this workflow if the previous one fails to work.

Known issues: Sometimes fails halfway through, usually if you're using it for the first time that day.  It should work correctly if you try it again.

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