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I visited Japan from May 30 through June 10, 2005 as part of the Contemporary Japan course I took spring quarter that year. The pages listed here have some of my photos from that trip. For the photos of trains I took over in Japan, go to my Trains page.

Arrival & Kyoto


Hiroshima & Miyajima



New Mexico

Tent Rocks

Bandelier National Monument




One of my teachers at Thayer Academy did a trip to somewhere in Europe every year, usually during spring break.  My family and I went on them for five years.  I've posted a small subset of the many photos I shot on those trips.  The quality is unfortunately lower than what I've shot in recent years due to having had a rather crappy camera on those trips, plus the vagaries of scanning the photos in.

Southern Italy, March 1998

Northern Italy, March 1999

France, March 2000

Spain & Portugal, March 2001

Greece & Turkey, June 2002

My family also made one trip on our own to Europe.

England, March 2003



Bermuda, June 2010

Buses, Ferries, and Remnants of the Bermuda Railway

Florida, March 2011