Random Photos
Photos of nothing in particular that don't fit anywhere else.

Sign on one of the roads leading into Cabot, VT.

A stack of tires a few miles south of Oakland City, IN.

This is an actual quiz I took on December 17, 2004, the last day before Christmas break.  It's my favorite quiz ever.

Some student at Rose-Hulman has a pickup with an Australian license plate on it.  Too bad the rear plate says it's from Michigan.

At Star Wars Celebration III there were a number of Imperial stormtroopers around to keep things under control.  I caught this scout trooper outside giving directions.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get inside, as all the tickets had been sold before I got there at 9:30 AM (it didn't even open until 10!).  The 2 lines to get in were huge, stretching at least a block around the building in both directions from the entrances.

About 30 miles east of Indianapolis I-70 crosses the Nameless Creek.

This amusing sign is near Austerlitz, NY on Rt. 22

My younger brother Doug, being his usual weird self.

A sanitary tortilla factory in Albuquerque, NM.  I'm sure glad it's not unsanitary!

This peculiar sight can be found on Ridge Road in Brookfield, VT.

A sign inside the MBTA's Cobble Hill dispatcher's office.

A sign posted at Salem State College.

Don't you just love doors that open into thin air?

I came across this amusingly-named rowboat by Milton Landing on the Neponset River.

The GM dealership in Arundel, ME stuck a car in a dumpster to advertise its participation in the federal "Cash For Clunkers" program.